Mustafa Topuz – Mechanical Engineer / Former Student

I started learning English because I wanted to improve myself and because we cooperate with many people from all over the world. I have attended few courses but I wasn’t satisfied. My good friend recommended me to go to Mrs. Mirjana.

Her teaching is definitely the best. She supports lessons with lots of text and at the end of each unit I have a test regarding the subject which is designed to show how well I understood the lesson.

Also other important point is that I can work on my speaking skill, which is very important for my job, because all her lessons are English based (only if I really couldn’t understand something she will explain in Turkish). While speaking she is using very clear and simple language so understanding is very easy.

Our biggest problem is my memory. She is always inventing some new activities to help me remember new words. Mrs. Mirjana will never give up on you! She will try until she succeeds.

After every lesson I have tailor-made homework to reinforce my knowlegde. And she never forgets to check them! If she sees that I didn’t quite understand some parts of the lesson, you will study over and over again until you understand it!

My English improved amazingly fast. I feel very comfortable speaking not only daily language but business language too. Mustafa Topuz

I would recommend to everyone who really wants to learn English to enroll on a course and experience the difference.

Thank you very much for your patience and determination!

İhsan Berat Ulugay – Former Student

If you want to be able to speak English rather than only trying to learn it, (you know generally we Turks can understand English perfectly but just we can not speak… ;D ) only thing you need to do is finding an English teacher who is as much enthusiastic as you are and to study hard. If you really wish to learn, it is not important if you know some English or not.

I was having the same problems which I mentioned above. Moreover, I was trying to change my job. First of all, of course I needed to improve my English. Thanks God that I have begun the course with a teacher like Mirjana Kaynak. She is very smart, enthusiastic and she doesn’t want to loose time and her only goal is a good result. Course had lasted 7-8 months and I had to finish it just because I had been accepted to the job I really wanted. Actually I couldn’t reach the point I intended regarding my English knowlegde, but if I hadn’t changed my city, I would definately continue learning English with Mrs. Mirjana.

I wasn’t able to speak when I first started the course, in addition to this I thought I could understand the English speaking people. I learned that it wasn’t true. And I understood my deficiency during the course. But which was more important was my teacher discovered these and directed me towards my target.

Even though I was having classes only two hours a week because I was working those days, I improved my English much faster than I expected. Of course this was only possible with a teacher who was always available not only during the classes. İhsan Berat Ulugay

I thank you thousands of time for all your support, help, friendship and the things you taught me. I am sure you will have so successfull students in the new course you are opening.

Füsun Güner – R&D Manager / Former Student

Dear my teacher,

I have been working as R&D manager in a Packaging Company. I am using English language in my business life.

Each person learns in a different way. Some read, some write, some listen. The most important thing for a tutor is be able to find most suitable way of how his /her students understand what he/she is tutoring.

I read countless papers; attend numerous meetings every day. At the end of the day I didn’t have enough energy neither for reading nor studying English.

But things changed when I started studying with you, Mrs. Mirjana. I do not even have that feeling that we are having lesson. We talk about everyday life, chat about our cats, in the other words we do nearly everything. We cannot name as a lesson.

Although we are in different cities, we can do class. It is very important for me so I can improve my English. Füsun Güner

I would recommend you to all of my friends. I know that you will certainly teach them English.

What I like most about you is YOU NEVER GIVE UP! It doesn’t matter how desperate the situation is you never give up! I love when you guide me how to learn in a better way. Your belief in me creates an unshakeable confidence. Your talent for teaching foreign languages is AMAZING. I really am grateful to you for being first my friend and then my teacher.

PS: I would like to reserve my seat in your class on weekends. :)

Thank you.

Mari Oduncuoğlu – Retired Head Nurse / Former Student

I am very happy and lucky to meet you! Until I met you I thought I will never learn English. I wanted to learn English since I my University but, somehow,I never did. I am very lucky to meet you, my beatiful and kindhearted teacher.

Thanks to your patience and teaching technique, now I can speak English fluently.

Mima’s teaching technique is talor-made. For every student she prepares a special program. These programs are based on students’ need and requirements. Mari Oduncuoğlu

She does it with a lot of patience. And for me, she did something that no one could – she taught me English.

Thank you my wonderful teacher! You are not only a teacher to me but something like my daughter!

I wish all the success and happiness always be present in your life!

Ece Topağaç Germen, Chemical Engineer - Laboratory Specialist

I work as a chemical engineer in a laboratory. I have spoken English limitedly in my daily life. However, as is known, being able to speak English is your saviour wherever you go. My goal at the begining of the course, beside communicating in technical issues easily, is to be able to talk about daily, social, political, scientific or art issues during the bussiness dinner or journey. About 6 months, 2 days a week, we have come together with Mima. Although I am usually tired after work, time passes really amazingly with her.

When you learn “many things” about “many things”, words and daily word patterns are settling in your memory and if you do enough exercises, you will notice that you are able to use these word patterns without any problems. Ece Topağaç Germen

Mima is very hardworking, patient, equipped, self-disciplined and also quite sweet person. Her stubborness mustn’t also be disregarded. If it is necessary, she speaks so simple for you and she encourages you to talk with her. She spends her energy to gain your attention and to encourage learning. As someone who has tried many courses, I think we met her late.